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Before & Afters!

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How much did you lose after sticking to CS for 8 weeks?

Tuesday Jan 25, 2011clickcat

Would love to hear some motivational stories! Include your height and start weight if you can :)

Thursday Mar 3, 2011HayleyR
Comment with ID: 48135

Hey I thought i'd answer this as I've just finished week 8 ( I think ha) I have lost 30lbs in that time.

Original weight was 15stone 1lb and current weight is 12stone 13lbs :)

Still have a long way to go (want to get down to 10stone) but CS has helped loads! I would not have been able to do it alone!


Thursday Mar 3, 2011tiggerbeck
Comment with ID: 48148

Wow hayley thats fantastic, really well done

i started last week at 16 stone 11 and now at 16stone 6 so 5lb in first week, weigh in on Monday.

My height is 5.7.

great to hear how people are getting on, i really want to be 14stone at the end of 8 weeks,


Wednesday May 4, 2011*Vicki*
Comment with ID: 51038

its so motivating hearing how others have done on this diet....please keep the success stories coming x :D

Tuesday May 10, 2011sadiqa07
Comment with ID: 51282

its been 3 weeks and iv gone from 11.9lbs to 10.12lbs so my bmi has gone down and im nearly in the healthy cat :) x

wishing you the best, 

     Amira x

Saturday May 14, 2011may21
Comment with ID: 51442

Hi Ladies,

Just thought I would join in, all ur stories are so motivating.

5ft2in starting weight 11st 12lbs

7wks in 10 st 9lbs wanting to get down to 9st 7lbs stil a bit to go

best of luck

may x

Saturday May 14, 2011boyd3763
Comment with ID: 51446

hi. i done C s for 12 weeks 2years ago, and lost 4 stone, i started at 17 stone and got to 13 stone im 5'5, however two years on and ive put two back on so this tues coming will be my 3rd weigh in of my new c s journey, 8lb 1st week and 4lb 2nd week (last time i lost 1 stone in 2 weeks) im now 13 st 3lb, so nearly back at c s weight but this time i am not going to get into bad ways again ( before i started c s this time i had been doing w w and had lost a stone in 6weeks but needed something stricter to get me going as im going to a ball in four weeks) well done everyone

Thursday Jul 14, 2011kaylkurd
Comment with ID: 53889

hayley thats amazing!!!! iv just started CS im 14stone 9 at the min hoping to get to 10stone for my wedding next yr... as i yhave already bought the wedding dress 3 sizes smaller for motivation,,,so i HAVE to fit in it haha.. if u have got any good ideas or tips please cud u post them on here..thank you xx


Thursday Aug 11, 2011yummymummy9
Comment with ID: 54988

hi im mary,im also on the 8 week c-s challenge,started monday; been using ww pro points since jan and loosing weight was slow and steady,but not rewarding so though i would give this ago,i started in january at 15 stone 11.however ive started c-s at 13 stone 12,im only 5 ft 2,so need to get to 9 stone,but im aiming for 10 stone then see how i feel,as im 33 and a mother of 9 i dont want to be too tiny,i would love to chit chat with anyone else at the same sort of weight,and provide encouragement,and hopefully receiving some xx im loving c-s so far,no headaches,no hunger,only complaint is lots of loo trips ive turned into niagra falls lol x

Monday Aug 15, 2011bowangel
Comment with ID: 55115

Hi yummymummy i started cs on the 12th august at 183lbs i'm 5ft 2 and need to get to 9st 3lb but aiming for 10 stone hope we can keep each other motivited im enjoying cs i'm always full x


Wednesday Aug 17, 2011lornam72
Comment with ID: 55187
Hi I restated CS today. Did it a couple of years back but.... Weight is way back up again. I am 5ft 4 and weight 13 st 7pm. Hope to lose. Fair bit by my target date of 20 September. I sm not weighing myself again until then! Fingers crossed it will be at least a stone. Wish you all luck. I am so determined but it is easy to slip up so will pop on here e every day for motivation.

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