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Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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The power/vibro plate

Monday Jan 17, 2011Irisheyes

Hi Guys!

Quick question! Does anyone know anything about the power plate or some people call tehm vibro plates! I noticed one in my gym and when I asked about it the guy told me they were not great for weight loss? This contradicts everything I have heard from advertisements etc I

Can anyone tell me if they have used one and if 'Yes' then has it helped you in any way?

Take care


Monday Jan 17, 2011cripple2
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I used to have a power plate (I only sold it recently because Ive had spinal surgery and just cant use it so no point keeping it).  Im not sure whether I really lost any weight but it did tone me especially my legs.  When your next at the gym make a note of the brand and do your research because there seem to be 2 different sorts 1 is the power plate which vibrates but there is also 1 that oscilates rather than vibrating.  The person who advised you might not have had training on them so is therefore clueless lol

Hope this helps

Claire Smile x

Goal 1 - to lose 21lbs by 6 August 2011


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Thursday Jan 20, 2011Irisheyes
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Hey there!

Thanks Cripple2, I will check it out it is a 'Power pro' so I will google it and see what it says!


Thanks a mil!


Thursday Jan 20, 2011cripple2
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your welcome.  when i initially got mine i thought it was great and i did feel a bit of a distance but it just got to the stage where it was sat in hall so better to have an extra £75 holiday money :) the trainer at my local gym said it is good to do your work out then use it for relaxing muscles afterwards but you can do full workouts on them however they obviously arent there for cardio work lol.  if you decide to give it a try get a print out of exercises you can do if they dont have a poster next to the machine

Claire Smile x

Goal 1 - to lose 21lbs by 6 August 2011


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Saturday Jan 29, 2011laurenwillbeskinny
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i dont think great for weight loss howver the shaking action would be great for cellulite along with losts of water!!!! i also found they are excellent after a hard workout they reduce the soreness the next day!!!


Saturday Feb 5, 2011Nicolan11
Comment with ID: 46956

Hi there,

a friend of mine hired 1& it said in her booklett that on the lower settings this is good for weight loss as this breaks up the fat, higher settings for toning.

alot of people make the mistake of cranking it up high,thinking this will b  best, but her booklett, said lower levels better for weight loss initialy, then wen some weight shifted start turning up the level to tone.

im hoping this is right, cos she got good results,helped her get a good shape, im tinkn of hiring 1

Monday Feb 7, 2011Irisheyes
Comment with ID: 47025

Thanks Nicolan! will give it a go, I did try it but on a higher setting... Nearly shook my bones apart!!

Saturday Feb 19, 2011Stel
Comment with ID: 47497

hi all i have a power plate and i use it on lower speed as you feel it more and if you use it every day you do see the difference in those wobbly bits long as you do all the right moves on it i cant see it not making a difference for you hope this helps x. stella.

Saturday Mar 19, 2011jenniferb
Comment with ID: 49075

Stella do you have a power plate? cos power plates cost 7000euro! I have a vibro plate which was 450euro and i find it good. Its a great addition to regular exercise and i think it speeds up weight loss if your being really good diet and exercise wise.

Saturday Mar 19, 2011Stel
Comment with ID: 49083
Hi jenniferb erm I think the answer to your question is ermmmm YES I do have a power plate thank you and as I HAVE A power plate and NOT a vibro plate I know the difference!

Sunday Mar 20, 2011jenniferb
Comment with ID: 49095

Stel it was a simple question. What is with the CAPITALS and the erm ermmmmm!! Idiot

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